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Border Leicester Sheep

Border Leicesters are one of the most recent breeds of sheep that I decided to have in our flocks at Cunnington Farms.  I could not resist the shiny, rich, black fleece of my charmingly Roman nosed ram, nor the lusterous, long, curly black locks.

These are very large sheep, and I remain a little worried about always finding sturdy helpers to handle the sheep when it is time to snip hoofs or give shots, but I liked the sheep so much I decided to take that chance.

My choice was rewarded by one of my helpers at shearing time barely able to contain herself as the ram’s fleece was being sheared,  and subsequently hauling off the huge fleece with a very pleased expression.  It was only the 3rd or 4th time someone was waiting at shearing time, before skirting, to take a prized fleece home before someone else spoke for it, as I do not usually sell fleeces in the grease; all my fleeces either go to the mill to become yarn or roving.  So selling a grease fleece to such a pleased buyer was a great experience, and I am keeping my eyes opened for more black Border Leicesters!