California Red Sheep

California Red with distinctive maneCalifornia-Red sheep serve a farm well and faithfully.  I have a 12 year old ewe that INSISTS on being included when breeding time comes, and will actually push through a fence to get to the ram.  She successfully lambs and takes care of twins, and even triplets.

California-Red fleece is an attractive cream-reddish color, and is marketable by itself, or blended with other medium-type fleeces, and as a dual-purpose sheep, the meat is flavorful and mild.

One of the youngest breeds, the California Reds started in California the 1970s by crossing Tunis and Barbados sheep. Their heads and legs are a deep cinnamon red with and oatmeal color fleece at maturity. Rams sometimes also have a red mane. Inherited from the Tunis, they have distinctive long pendulous ears, strong expression and chiseled muzzle. The deep cinnamon red and oatmeal colored wool are characteristic of the breed. Neither sex has horns. California Reds are known for their gentle, calm temperaments.

California Red Ewes and Lamb

The ewes typically have twins and are caring mothers, very protective of their young. Lambs are born a red color and change to the oatmeal color at around 12 - 18 months old. California Reds produce a silky wool, with contrasting mix of colors, from beige to deep cinnamon red - always popular with spinners and weavers.