Navajo Rugs for Sale

Churro Wool Tufted Navajo Rug by Maxine Nez

Dimensions:  25 inches by 15 1/2 inches.  All Navajo Churro wool.

Churro Wool Tufted Navajo Rug by Maxine Nez

Introducing Maxine Nez, Navajo Rug Weaver

Maxine Nez, whose family centers around Chinle, Arizona, comes from a tradition of weavers.  Maxine loves to experiment with any kind of art and/or craft, and has made lovely Christmas pins with basketry detail,  many original fiber products, and now Maxine has perfected a new type of Navajo rug with old roots, the Churro Wool Tufted Navajo Rug.

Tufted Navajo Rugs

Tufted rugs have been made for many years.  In many cases, they are plain striped rugs, but with locks of mohair woven into the front side of the rug, to almost mimic a sheep’s pelt.  Each lock remains separate, and drapes down the front of the rug, but is locked into the rug on the reverse side, which looks like an ordinary, striped rug.   Although they are still made, they are a rarer type of Navajo rug.

Churro Wool Tufted Navajo Rugs

Maxine drew on the roots of the Tufted Navajo Rugs, but used locks of Churro sheep wool instead of mohair, and when the rug was finished, she carefully and thoroughly combed the individual locks together, so that the “right side” of the rug now becomes a thick, even, soft surface, delightful to run your fingers through, and unique to see, and entirely her own creationThe “back side” of the rug is an attractive, banded rug.

Maxine Nez with one of her Churro Wool Tufted Rugs

The Nez Family

Many of Maxine’s extended family are weavers, although they continue to make more traditional rugs in a variety of patterns.  From time to time, rugs are available from these talented weavers.

The Nez Family of Weavers