Crossbred Lambs

Because we are high desert in Moab, Utah, Cunnington Farms has more latitude in breeding dates than Minnesota or other cold and harsh climates.  We try to breed in the beginning or middle of October, or at the latest, the middle of November, so that the lambs are born when the coldest weather is finished, but not so late that the fly season creates health problems.

We do not wean our lambs, but let the mothers do that for us.  Natural weaning usually occurs at about 3 months of age for most mother / lamb pairs.  We find less trauma to the lambs this way, and less chance of mastitis in the moms.

We will transport lambs short distances at 3-6 months of age, but prefer to wait for four, or better yet, 5-6 months of age to transport any long distance hauls.

This is a selection of the lambs we have bred and sold over the past few years and are shown here as examples of the quality breeds we have had on the farms.