Registered Sheep Breeds

Cunnington Farms routinely run several of breeds of sheep and we sell a wide variety of high quality Roving, Yarn and Finished Wool Products, as well as Navajo Rugs.

Our main focus is correct breeding stock and their lambs, which is also our major product.  Our breeds of sheep are:

Pictures of our Pure Bred Lambs are available on request.

Navajo-Churro, Tunis and Romeldale/CVM are classified Endangered Livestock by the The Livestock Conservancy, and we only sell these breeds as Registered or Registerable Breeding Stock.

We also have a number of Crossbred Fleece Sheep of the following breeds: Romney, Icelandic and Rambouillet.

We have successfully bred stunning CVM, Merino, Corriedale, Icelandic and Border Leceister crosses, and have roving and yarn from these Crossbred Sheep, as well as yarn blended with our Alpaca and Guanaco, but not all products are available at all times.